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metal rv shelters

Metal Carports Direct- Benefits Of Factory Direct Metal Carports

Published on by Metal Carports Direct

There are a wide variety of carports available, but factory-direct metal carports are commonly favored compared with other carports. These Carports are also available at Metal Carports Direct at affordable prices. For most homes, we own an additional metal carport for the number of cars. We all know that our vehicles are housed in this building and protected against varying environmental conditions and even thefts. The carport styles are mounted unmounted, wooden or metal linens. Although the building materials are different, they do have the same function. For both of these carport varieties, the choice of the optimal carport is sometimes confusing.

Some benefits of a metal carport are given below:

Simple To Mount

Most of the metal carports are metal framed, and a homeowner with a bit of DIY expertise will assemble them in three to eight hours, depending on the scale (not including the concrete slab). A metal carport with just an overhead roof can take a little longer if you have sidewalls. With just overhead cover, the sun is fine, but side walls have additional protection and additional protection against harsh climatic conditions.

Crime Activities

Believe it or not, it can be more of a deterrent than a contained garage to display carports. The garage must be penetrated so that it can be secured with extensive safety. If you maintain the area illuminated with a carport, it is visibly a preventative measure of illegal crime against the car.

Quite Versatile

Not only can you secure your cars using a metal carport, but they are also available in various dimensions. One can be huge enough to store and safeguard your RV, or one that's smaller but big enough to secure the jet ski, snowmobile, and ATV, or one that can be mounted as a boat slipcover. In addition to trucks, they may also be used as a safety for hay, big machinery, or an equine loafing shed while living in the area.

Personal security

If the car stays late at night, we all felt the fear of the dark in those short minutes. You have an additional defense with a carport, particularly if you close the sides and finish.


If you want a protected carport, metal is an alternative at a reasonable price. The kit is available and certainly costs less than a carport of timber. It's easy to build, manage and restore carports, but even though you wish to keep the carport, you can do so on your own without exorbitant sums being paid. You can also take advantage of cost-effective carports to assemble and maintain your metal carport.

Weather Conditions

Parking your car underneath a tree, or even in the open, will do a lot of harm to your vehicle over time, fog, snow, ice, and natural heat and sunlight. Parking in a carport or shed is the right thing to do. At least when it's parked at home, this would significantly mitigate the weather experience by your vehicle.


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Metal RV Shelters Buying Guide

Published on by Metal Carports Direct

Do you want to buy metal RV shelters for your premises? If yes, then this article is going to be very helpful for you. We are going to give you some suggestions so that you can buy the best product. But, first of all, some things you need to be considered including-:

What Type of Vehicles Do You Want to Store Under Metal Shelters?

It is necessary to choose the right metal carport for your needs. If you are searching for something to actually shield your car or RV from the elements, or have a safe storage solution, Metal Carports Direct can support. Single carport construction plans and 2 carport possibilities are open. Our metal carport can always be customized to fit multiple vehicles or even high-speed steel truck carports. Learn all about the various size and customization choices available to metal carports and RV carports.

Where Do You Want to Install Your New Metal Carport or RV Cover?

Know where to install your metal carport or RV carport? The set-up and installation of your carport or RV carport and space for the installation site will be required by our installation team. We can assist you in working with our qualified customer support staff. One of the most important things to note is the construction of customized metal carports on a level floor. Will you have plenty of room for your size metal carport?

Do Metal Carports or Shelters Need to Be Certified?

Many municipal construction codes often require the registration of metal carports. Customized carports must be certified to handle a certain volume of wind and snow. A local inspector can check the development site and plans to ensure that the structure is safe. Work with our qualified customer service representatives to learn more about what Metal Carport Direct offers to certify your building and what to do before installing your metal carport.

How’s the Weather in Your Locality?

The local weather forecast is the basis for your dream custom carport. Many car owners are not taking local conditions into consideration for the first time and can hope that they can keep their cars gloomy and sunny. If you live in a climate in which the heavy snowfall or runoff blows horizontally, you should recommend making a structure closer to shield your car. For high wind environments, it is often advised to anchor buildings on concrete plaques.

What About Style?

Metal Carports Direct offers a wide range of different styles for metal carports. We can not only configure our roof choices, but we can also give you the choice of colors to suit your home look.

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Design your own Metal Building

Published on by Metal Carports Direct

Metal buildings doesn’t possess a unique feature in the market but new and customized designs of metal building kits definitely worth a second look for homeowners and manufacturers. Many people are still unaware of the benefits that a metal building or carport can give to home owners. Pre-engineered design structures of metal carports play a very important role in modern houses as they use carports and garages as shelters against scorching heat and snow in winters. The best part of metal carports is it can be designed and customized according to one’s needs and requirements.

There is an increasing trend of metal building kits as some locations are prone to harsh weather conditions all over the world and in those locations, it becomes a necessity to protect the vehicles. Homeowners build an extra storage room as well to store the extra material like bolts, scissors and other things which might be frequently used in the garage and sometimes, it can be used as a lunch spot for some friends.

Let's see what all you should keep in mind while choosing the best metal carport for yourself:

· Size (single, double, or triple metal carport)

· Quality

· Height according to the size of vehicles

· Location of the house

· Permit regulations

· Roof

· Color and style

· Cost according to your budget

· Customization

· Installation needed or not

These are some important factors to keep in mind as they can help you in selecting the best one and customizing it according to the latest trends in the market. To get the affordable and best quality material, visit metalcarportsdirect.com and choose the best among them.

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Metal Garage - Perfect For Large Storage Without Extra Cost

Published on by Metal Carports Direct

When it comes to metal garages and carports, maybe you will be in a dilemma of what to choose. To overlook all these dilemmas and give you expert advice, we specially prepared this post. Here we explain a few essential facts about metal garages. This will certainly help you to make the right decision and choose the best option.

About metal garages:

Ceiling Height

For many, the garage option comes into the point for additional ceiling height. Most storage buildings max out at 12’ in ceiling height, while large prefab metal garage options can go up to 13’ high. Well, you can make even more height garages as per your specific requirements. If your project needs a higher than average ceiling, make sure to evaluate the size of the door. A vertical roof garage provides 12’ door options, while most other large storage buildings and prefab garages come standard with 8’ doors.

metal garages


It doesn't matter what the future holds, a garage always makes sure that almost anything will fit – a lawnmower, a car, a 4-wheeler, or large equipment. Not all large storage buildings give access to large equipment; be sure to check the dimensions of all access points before making a final decision.

Custom Interior

Many people prefer a garage over a storage building to customize the interior with electric, insulation, windows, and paneling. If you are thinking of one of these buildings for a home-based business or hobby building, metal garages allow more custom options than just a storage building.

Large Storage Building Benefits


While many cities, towns, and counties need permits for garages, specifications for the installation of a large storage building may not need an exceptional design review process. What you can do; check with your local zoning office and ask about differences in the permit cost and process for garages vs. storage buildings.

Custom Options

When it comes to large metal building storage, the possibilities are endless. If your local big box stores don’t give the right size or style of building, you can use an online building design tool to examine all of the custom options available. 

If the garage seems to you for added workspace but you don’t require the storage space of a large building, think a pre-fab combo unit. This type of building gives the best of both worlds – storage plus a cover for outdoor projects. 

If you need more space with options for extra storage, you may think of a customizable farm building. Even if you don’t have farm tools or animals, a farm building may fit your storage demands now and in the future.

Here we wish to include one thing. Before you go ahead and choose the metal garages or metal carports for large storage; Make sure about the following factors:

  • Size and Equipment Protection. Which building model will give more protection for your equipment?
  • Resale Value. Which building type will bring your property in line with homes in your area?
  • Future Use. What does the future hold for your storage space?
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