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metal carports

Metal Garage - Perfect For Large Storage Without Extra Cost

Published on by Metal Carports Direct

When it comes to metal garages and carports, maybe you will be in a dilemma of what to choose. To overlook all these dilemmas and give you expert advice, we specially prepared this post. Here we explain a few essential facts about metal garages. This will certainly help you to make the right decision and choose the best option.

About metal garages:

Ceiling Height

For many, the garage option comes into the point for additional ceiling height. Most storage buildings max out at 12’ in ceiling height, while large prefab metal garage options can go up to 13’ high. Well, you can make even more height garages as per your specific requirements. If your project needs a higher than average ceiling, make sure to evaluate the size of the door. A vertical roof garage provides 12’ door options, while most other large storage buildings and prefab garages come standard with 8’ doors.

metal garages


It doesn't matter what the future holds, a garage always makes sure that almost anything will fit – a lawnmower, a car, a 4-wheeler, or large equipment. Not all large storage buildings give access to large equipment; be sure to check the dimensions of all access points before making a final decision.

Custom Interior

Many people prefer a garage over a storage building to customize the interior with electric, insulation, windows, and paneling. If you are thinking of one of these buildings for a home-based business or hobby building, metal garages allow more custom options than just a storage building.

Large Storage Building Benefits


While many cities, towns, and counties need permits for garages, specifications for the installation of a large storage building may not need an exceptional design review process. What you can do; check with your local zoning office and ask about differences in the permit cost and process for garages vs. storage buildings.

Custom Options

When it comes to large metal building storage, the possibilities are endless. If your local big box stores don’t give the right size or style of building, you can use an online building design tool to examine all of the custom options available. 

If the garage seems to you for added workspace but you don’t require the storage space of a large building, think a pre-fab combo unit. This type of building gives the best of both worlds – storage plus a cover for outdoor projects. 

If you need more space with options for extra storage, you may think of a customizable farm building. Even if you don’t have farm tools or animals, a farm building may fit your storage demands now and in the future.

Here we wish to include one thing. Before you go ahead and choose the metal garages or metal carports for large storage; Make sure about the following factors:

  • Size and Equipment Protection. Which building model will give more protection for your equipment?
  • Resale Value. Which building type will bring your property in line with homes in your area?
  • Future Use. What does the future hold for your storage space?
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Difference Between Certified and Non-Certified Metal Carports

Published on by Metal Carports Direct

One of the things you should learn when building a carport or garage is whether you need grants or not. Local building authorities may need a permit, and if that’s the case, you will have to purchase a Certified building. The metal buildings can be certified or non-certified, but it’s not always easy to see the obvious difference between the two from the outside. Do you know the basic difference between certified and non-certified metal buildings or metal carports?


What does it indicate to say that a metal building is “certified”? Typically, a certified building is professionally designed and engineered to resist established ratings for wind speed and/or snow loads. In some areas where building permissions are required for installation, only a certified metal building will be considered eligible to satisfy the fundamental requirements. 


Difference Between Certified and Non-Certified Metal Carports


Along with this, some states and localities need all buildings to be certified. In a case, if you live in an area where building permits are not required for metal carports, then you may have the choice of just going with a non-certified structure for your carport or metal building. The option is really up to you. 


Now the question comes, which one is a better option; certified metal building or non-certified. So, here is the answer: There are many advantages to choosing a certified structure over non-certified ones. 



  • Certified structures come with improved engineering


  • These structures are installed with more support braces, screws, and anchors than non certified buildings.


  • Even if you happen to live in an area that doesn’t typically experience wind or snow extremes


There is greater peace of mind that comes with understanding that your certified metal structure is built to last.


The Remarkable Features Of Certified Metal Carports:


There are several remarkable features that differentiate a certified metal carport from a non-certified unit. Most of these features are feasible to the structural makeup of the metal carport. So, the features of certified metal carport are:


The certified metal structures are built with the weather of the place in mind, you do not have to spend your money on adding extra features to the metal carport. The anchoring choices are also different for certified metal carports. If you are to install your metal carport kit over bare ground or asphalt surfaces, then many suppliers offer mobile home anchors too. Installations over concrete foundations anchored with wedge anchors can also be certified.


 The Key Benefits Of Certified Metal Structure:


  • Structurally reliable, strong and usually have a longer lifespan than non-certified structure.


  • Certification for your metal carport gives it legal verification indicating you will not suffer any legal trouble for your metal carport after you have built it, comprising fines and penalties. You get documents and drawings for the certified units, which act as proof of your adherence to the law.


  • Make sure safety for residents of the locality, as well as structural safety for the metal carport itself.


  • Created with exact considerations for the weather conditions, which indicates that they can endure the elements of that place without fail.
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Questions To Use Your Metal Car Canopies Manufacturer

Published on by Metal Carports Direct

Investing a vital amount of your hard-earned money into the metal car canopies is a big decision to make. One that can affect both the curb appeal and value of your property. But before you jump in with both feet, there are a few remarkable questions you may want to ask your canopies manufacturer first. The answers to these questions will help you to understand the pricing, installation process and other crucial things. So, without going here and there, have a quick look at the list of these questions:

metal car canopies | metal carports direct


  • How long will it take to have my metal Canopies delivered?


Well, the delivery of metal car canopies depends on various factors. That is the engineer, deliver, and install your structure. These aspects include the specifications of your unit, your location, the weather conditions, and the manufacturer installing it. To know the estimated delivery time, you may contact your manufacturer freely.


  • Can I make amendments after the order has been sent?

Yeah, you may do it but again it will depend on the manufacturers also whom you selected. Like if you have changed your mind about something and your order has already been sent to the manufacturer, you may call them. For simple changes like where a window will be placed or the foundation it will be installed on, it may be an easy fix. But, if you’ve changed your mind about the dimensions or color, that will depend on how occupied the manufacturer is.


  • How long will it take to install my steel car canopies?

The installation time for your car canopies will depend on:

  • Your location

  • The size and specifications of the structure, and

  • The weather conditions


  • For large, commercial or agricultural buildings, it may take a few days.

  • For smaller, standard size buildings, it may take as little as a few hours.


  • Do we get warranties with the purchase of such products?

Yes, you may also get the warranties with the purchase of this kind of product. There are different kinds of warranties offered by manufacturers in the prefab metal building kits industry, you can contact them for more information about their coverage.

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Vital Factors Responsible To Install Carport Prices

Published on by Metal Carports Direct

No wonder metal carports are one of the safest ways to safeguard your crucial investment in vehicles. Although there are many ways to perform the same task, the reliability and assurance you can get with steel carports are unparalleled. Here the wisest thing to understand the prices that carports may cost you. Well, this cost depends on a few factors. Collectively all these factors decide the Carport Prices Installed:


  • Production and Supply:


The very first factor responsible to decide the cost of metal carports is production and supply. Usually, metal carports are widely available in the market. But the cost would depend on the production and supply of the carport. Like from where they are manufacturing and from where you are ordering the carports. According to a report, before 1860, steel was quite expensive and produced only in small quantities. Using the statistics from the World Steel Association – one can track the amounts of crude steel produced in the whole world since 1900.

It is recorded that approx 23 million metric tons of crude steel were manufactured in 1900, 20 years later, 72.5 million metric tons were manufactured. Thereafter in 1940, 140.6 million metric tons were produced and 346.4 million metric tons in 1960. As statics goes on the amount of production differs. Now, understand how this product depends on the cost of the carport. More the production more will be supplied in the market and hence, you can install carports at fewer prices.


  • Size Of the carports:


Next, the most important thing is the size. It plays an essential role in deciding the metal carport cost. Normally, the size of the carport will depend on your vehicle requirements. Like how many vehicles you want to park in the carport. Or you are expecting to manufacture one vehicle carport or two-vehicle carport. Here the agenda for the cost is very simple. The bigger you will manufacture the carport, the more you have to give in installing the carport.


But trust us, it would be a one-time investment. Once you have paid the amount for bigger carports, you can utilize the benefits of an installed carport for a long time. Even you don’t need to pay a lot to maintain them as they demand very little maintaining. It means, just the amount you will pay for installing else everything will go quite smoothly.


  • Supplier You Choose:


Last but not least; one of the important aspects is the selection of suppliers for the single carport or double carports. The supplier you will choose will affect the cost of the carport a lot. There are many suppliers available in the market. All provide the product at different prices. The quality of the product also differs in many terms. Many suppliers provide the highest quality carport at very reasonable prices whereas others offer the same product at quite high rates. Similarly, some suppliers offer the carport without any hidden cost. Like what they promise or decide to offer, you can purchase at the same prices. But in many cases, we observed, some suppliers mention very fewer prices on the website but when you finally go to purchase the product, they cost you very high. They come up with different-different costs that initially don’t mention.

single carport


So, it would be beneficial you choose the supplier who can provide you the best quality single carports at affordable prices. Along with they can provide you the many additional deals and you can utilize much more only than single carports!

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Which Garage Option is the Best Choice for Your Vehicles?

Published on by Metal Carports Direct

The metal garage building is the perfect option for your valuable vehicles. They are customized, affordable, versatile, safe, durable, fire-resistant, spacious and weather-friendly. It enhances the value of the property than ever in all terms. It brings maximum protection compared to other buildings.



Types of Garages

Three types of metal garages are available in a wide variety that serves every sort of storage need.


1. Regular Style – The regular-shaped steel garages are a convenient option for single or two cars. It provides ample space along with offer huge selection of color choices, building dimensions, door sizes, and windows. It can be used as hobby workshops, farm equipment storage buildings, enclosed RV sheds, backyard lawn equipment storage, etc.


2. Boxed Eave – The box shape roofing is also known as A-frame carports that offer as much space which can alone be given by regular roofs. The main distinction between both of them is their appearance that differs from one another. These are easy to install on concrete, gravel, asphalt, or ground so you can personalize the enclosed metal structure to suit your application.


3. Vertical Roof – It is considered the toughest and strongest building that provides better weather protection as well as adds more strength to the property. The prices may vary according to the size type but still, it doesn't cost high in comparison with wooden carports.


Long Term Benefits of Prefabricated Steel Buildings


  • Lower maintenance.

  • Fewer insurance rates.

  • Affordable remodeling.

  • High-grade insulation

  • Fewer foundation issues


One of the greatest things about purchasing prefab metal carports shop buildings, agriculture shelters, metal barns from Metal Carports Direct is the free delivery and installation assistance. Their mission is to provide you with America's best selection of high-quality and most affordable custom structures at your job site.

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5 Things You Must Know Before Purchasing a Metal Carport

Published on by Metal Carports Direct

Metal carports are the popular storage building that one can use it for constructing a new garage, workshops, hobby rooms, farm and lawn equipment. These are available in various sizes, types, colors and sizes that may be confused us while finding which one is to buy. No matter how beautiful metal carport you desire for your property until you properly determine or understand the main factors which are crucial before purchasing the metal carport. In this article, we will discuss the five important things that you will consider making the shopping experience worth and meaningful.

5 Essential Factors to Look Before Buying Metal Carports/Metal Storage Buildings


1. DIY Installation

It is so difficult to hire a professional architect or house builders, especially when you have no time to monitor them or runs a tight budget. No one can keep an eye 24 hours on labors while creating buildings. Here comes an idea of DIY (Do It Yourself) installation that not only saves our valuable time but also costs less compared to the traditional buildings. Today, several manufacturers offer pre-fabricated metal carport kits with free installation & delivery assistance so, you can get advantage from their services for saving additional expenses. It ensures a quick installation that works wonder for the people who suffer from extreme weather conditions. With DIY operations, you can quickly manage your valuables or keep them safe to avoid snow, wind, dust and dirt.


2. Check Warranty or Discounts Offer

The warranty is the main concern that assures us that the product will last for a long time and boosts our confidence level in terms of quality or safety. Usually, carport owners provide a warranty against manufacturing defects or in terms of product replacement. It may vary from the brand or location which you prefer for your building. You can check additional discounts and offers to avail of the product in a reasonable price range.


3. Know Your Requirement & Budget

It is a fool-proof logic if I suggest you to buy the size of metal carports as per your budget. As the metal carport prices rely on the type and the style of the carport. There are three types of metal garages are available in the market such as Regular Style, Boxed-Eave or Vertical-Style Roof Carports. All of them look different from each other and may vary based on their dimension so, always know exactly what you look for and how much you want to spend on the particular building.


4. Give First Priority to Quality

Metal carports which are designed with high-grade steel are considered to be one of the best out of hundreds. It withstands with severe weather conditions that may pose a risk of damage. The steel material provides the best customer experience due to the long-lasting galvanized finish or framing system. Even, they are good for hassle-free cleaning compared to their wooden counterparts.


5. Painting or Coating Assistance

This is the major concern for those who want to improve the decor of the home and wish for stylish and attractive metal roofing. Choose a carport that is constructed with steel finish to protect the building from corrosion, peeling and chipping. It is designed in such a way so that one can easy to paint or coat the roof & wall as per their choice. You can also take help from a carport color planner who has a well-Knowledge of color chipping and gives you a clear idea regarding color matching or fading options before purchase.



All the above factors are important to keep in mind that the metal buildings are the lifetime investment thence, one should have a proper understanding of it. It will help you to choose the highly-customizable reliable, ready to use and weather-friendly metal building solutions.

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