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Design your own Metal Building

Published on by Metal Carports Direct

Metal buildings doesn’t possess a unique feature in the market but new and customized designs of metal building kits definitely worth a second look for homeowners and manufacturers. Many people are still unaware of the benefits that a metal building or carport can give to home owners. Pre-engineered design structures of metal carports play a very important role in modern houses as they use carports and garages as shelters against scorching heat and snow in winters. The best part of metal carports is it can be designed and customized according to one’s needs and requirements.

There is an increasing trend of metal building kits as some locations are prone to harsh weather conditions all over the world and in those locations, it becomes a necessity to protect the vehicles. Homeowners build an extra storage room as well to store the extra material like bolts, scissors and other things which might be frequently used in the garage and sometimes, it can be used as a lunch spot for some friends.

Let's see what all you should keep in mind while choosing the best metal carport for yourself:

· Size (single, double, or triple metal carport)

· Quality

· Height according to the size of vehicles

· Location of the house

· Permit regulations

· Roof

· Color and style

· Cost according to your budget

· Customization

· Installation needed or not

These are some important factors to keep in mind as they can help you in selecting the best one and customizing it according to the latest trends in the market. To get the affordable and best quality material, visit metalcarportsdirect.com and choose the best among them.

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Metal Garage - Perfect For Large Storage Without Extra Cost

Published on by Metal Carports Direct

When it comes to metal garages and carports, maybe you will be in a dilemma of what to choose. To overlook all these dilemmas and give you expert advice, we specially prepared this post. Here we explain a few essential facts about metal garages. This will certainly help you to make the right decision and choose the best option.

About metal garages:

Ceiling Height

For many, the garage option comes into the point for additional ceiling height. Most storage buildings max out at 12’ in ceiling height, while large prefab metal garage options can go up to 13’ high. Well, you can make even more height garages as per your specific requirements. If your project needs a higher than average ceiling, make sure to evaluate the size of the door. A vertical roof garage provides 12’ door options, while most other large storage buildings and prefab garages come standard with 8’ doors.

metal garages


It doesn't matter what the future holds, a garage always makes sure that almost anything will fit – a lawnmower, a car, a 4-wheeler, or large equipment. Not all large storage buildings give access to large equipment; be sure to check the dimensions of all access points before making a final decision.

Custom Interior

Many people prefer a garage over a storage building to customize the interior with electric, insulation, windows, and paneling. If you are thinking of one of these buildings for a home-based business or hobby building, metal garages allow more custom options than just a storage building.

Large Storage Building Benefits


While many cities, towns, and counties need permits for garages, specifications for the installation of a large storage building may not need an exceptional design review process. What you can do; check with your local zoning office and ask about differences in the permit cost and process for garages vs. storage buildings.

Custom Options

When it comes to large metal building storage, the possibilities are endless. If your local big box stores don’t give the right size or style of building, you can use an online building design tool to examine all of the custom options available. 

If the garage seems to you for added workspace but you don’t require the storage space of a large building, think a pre-fab combo unit. This type of building gives the best of both worlds – storage plus a cover for outdoor projects. 

If you need more space with options for extra storage, you may think of a customizable farm building. Even if you don’t have farm tools or animals, a farm building may fit your storage demands now and in the future.

Here we wish to include one thing. Before you go ahead and choose the metal garages or metal carports for large storage; Make sure about the following factors:

  • Size and Equipment Protection. Which building model will give more protection for your equipment?
  • Resale Value. Which building type will bring your property in line with homes in your area?
  • Future Use. What does the future hold for your storage space?
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What are the advantages of structural metal buildings kits?

Published on by Metal Carports Direct

Usually, when it comes to steel buildings, most of the people think about a garage, storage shed, or maybe an airplane hangar. But do you know steel buildings are much more than it? There are numerous benefits you can enjoy with these buildings, for example:

  1. Cost Saving Advantages

Speed of Occupancy


Pre-built steel structures are that: Pre-designed! That implies your structure will show up nearby fit to be collected. A pre-built structure DIY undertaking can be finished in 2-30 days, contrasted with 1-6 months of development time on a structure requiring conventional development.

metal building kits

Affordable Construction Cost


Metal building systems segments have been exceptionally built to fit together effectively, and because the segments are cut and prepared in-plant, utilizing automation, the cost of assembly is altogether decreased. At the point when metal structure kits part show up at the building site, the ability level required for them to get together is generously lower. Your development expenses may be diminished by 60%.



Do-It-Yourself Construction


Up to 5000 square feet, pre-engineered metal buildings can come in DIY kits, denying any requirement for laborers and saving you up to 50% on total costs. Isn’t it a cool option? Yeah, it is!


2. Safety Advantages


Enhanced Strength & Durability

The strength of steel building kits, made with powerful steel components, makes sure your structure will stand up to the severest weather. Specially designed to withstand peak wind speeds of up to 180 miles per hour, pre-engineered structures are ideal in any weather condition.

Fire Containment


In the case of a fire, a steel building can include flames and prevent them from spreading to other buildings. The reason is their inherent flame retardant characteristics. 

Dimensionally Stable


Metal buildings are secured with rust-resistant bolts, won’t increase or contract with moisture levels.


Reduced Fire Risk


Beyond saving on insurance prices, the inherent fire-resistant features in steel buildings give an extra layer of safety and peace of mind. This is possible by understanding the opportunities of an indoor or outdoor fire are remarkably low.

3. Flexibility Advantages




Due to their modular nature, buildings designed by metal kits can be expanded instantly and cost-effectively by just dissembling one end wall and attaching clear span sections.


Any prefabricated building up to 10,000 square feet can be disassembled, relocated or sold without any hassle.

Extensive Architectural Chances


With a quality of roofing and wall panel options available, architects have endless chances available to make your pre-engineered building look precisely the way you wish.

4. Environmental Advantages


Less Toxic


You will be glad to know that the metal building kits are made to last. And, the reason behind is, they don’t need the toxic chemical treatments that wooden structures do to stop rotting. No chemicals help both the environment and the livestock you might house in a pre-designed metal building structure.


100% recyclable

Metal buildings are 100% recyclable due to which these are considered to be ‘green buildings. They have a lower almost negligible negative environmental impact than other methods of construction.

So, these are the remarkable benefits you can utilize with the metal building kits!

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A Few Valuable Tips For Your Dream Metal Horse Barn

Published on by Metal Carports Direct

Before grabbing up the techniques for building a top-class dream metal barn, you have a specific location to set the horses inside. Note that you are planning to create a dream home for horses so it should be fully-furnished, weather-friendly, portable, and more secure.

In the long run, a well-made barn can save you from everyday repairs and maintenance that costs a lot of whether to fix small issues in a traditional cemented structure. If it is designed and erect properly, the animals will enjoy the pleasant home and become able to breathe in a clean ambiance.


How to construct a horse stall


One of the most important processes in construction is building a steady place that protects the favorite animals from severe weather. Most people even don't know about the material that decides the long span of the property. Have you purchased one of the most popular American-made factory-direct metal barn kits? If not, you should definitely think about it. Because it is easy to install outdoors. Take a look at further elaboration that explains the whole scenario to build a long-term horse barn.



1. Select a suitable location


The regular style barns are the most affordable option that one can assemble into a garden area. It contains a length up to 36' that is good for storing two to four horses. It includes a galvanized coating that is free from rust and corrosion.


Few things to keep in mind:


  • Good potential for future expansion.

  • Good natural drainage

  • Firm & level foundation

The continuous boxed-eave roof barn is bigger in size and provides much space to provide huge shelter for the equine facility. It is available in the standard length of about 36' which is easy to expand for future use. It is ideal for plain floors, grassland, gravel, concrete, or asphalt.


Some important things to make in mind:


  • Ample space for easy movement.

  • Close proximity for grass eating.

  • Comfortable and breathable.


Another one is Carolina raised center aisle that comes with vertically oriented panels and roof systems. It offers ease of assembling several sidewall options, aesthetic color choices, windows, and personnel doors. Thus it should be installed near a lush green garden that lets the horses fresh and airy.


Points to remember:


  • Flexible enough to create separate rooms.

  • Adequate airflow to keep the inside foul-free.

  • Sliding doors to make the barn peaceful.


2. Create a wash bay for daily showering


It is obvious that you want to avoid diseases from the horses and let them dry and clean. Unlike humans, it is necessary to bathe them in a convenient wash bay. There are a few factors that you should consider before making a bathing room for equines.


Durable surface


As the horses have different mood swings sometimes they sit in a very calm position and sometimes not. Similarly, the uneven floors make it difficult for them to stand out for a longer period. Always choose strong custom metal carports to install on gravel that lowers the risk of slippage.


Easy drainage


Make sure the location you select is useful to run off the water from downhills. The messy hair and manure make humans difficult to stand and breathe nearby equine. You should avoid the electrical outlets in wash stalls that are regarded as a deadly combination of water.


Ready for faster erection and searching for cheaper rates in metal buildings? You are at the right place! Metal Carports Direct, the manufacturer of North Carolina offers a wide selection of sheds, shelters, fully-enclosed workshops, RV shelters featuring modular construction, and remarkable delivery and installation on your job site.

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Metal Garages: A Great Investment for your Storage Solution

Published on by Metal Carports Direct

The advent of metal garages has outshined the use of any other alternative. Ample reasons show the importance of metal building solutions. Advanced steel structures are more durable and provide customization solutions than any other alternative cannot. Vehicle owners can also customize and use metal garages as per their needs or requirements.


Know why Metal Garages are the Best Investment for Storage Solutions


  • Space

Some vehicle owners prefer to choose pole barns over the metal garages. When we increase the height of pole barns, they become more prone to wear and tear.

Choosing metal garages is a better alternative because they can be vertically expanded and do not show any type of wear and tear due to customization.


  • Design Options

A comparison between pole barns and metal buildings will clearly show the advantages of one over another. Let’s understand this with another example. If we choose pole barns, we will get limited designs for pole support layouts. Looking for creative solutions will be costly. Pitched sheds are common and basic.

Using metal garage kits, we can easily build shed, hip, cable, gambrel and different types of roofs. Further, we can easily add lightings and make upgrades.


  • Open Floor Plan

Steel buildings are built and supported on trusses and frameworks, allowing large open spaces. Customization can be easily done to create an open floor plan. Choosing any other alternative will not offer such alternatives.


  • Customizable

A customizable option provides solutions that can easily upgrade through add-ons, and this is possible in the case of metal garages. Vehicle owners can easily add customizations for any type of modification and future upgrades.


  • Durable

The exceptional durability of metallic garages is a huge advantage. Vehicle owners only have to invest one time and they can enjoy the benefit for a long time. The structures can easily withstand fire, water, rain, earthquakes and any other type of adverse climatic conditions. The excellent properties are the result of exceptional durability. Wooden structures or wooden garages will not show tolerance to pests but steel or metal can. In every way, metals are a better alternative than any other.


  • Flexible

As pre-engineered structures do not have columns, they are flexible in themselves. Coupling the garages with doors, overheads & rollers provides unlimited space that can be used for creative work or uses.


  • Easy to Assemble

Metal buildings are easy to build and can be quickly assembled. It will just take a few days to erect metal structures while it will take several months to build concrete structures. As these structures can be easily customized, no skilled labor is required for their development.

Further, pre-engineered kits are available with guides and assembly drawings. Therefore, one can easily build garages within a short period and without the need for more professionals.


  • Cost-efficient

As no skilled workforce is required to build metal garages, it is possible to save cost during their development. Don’t worry about the steel garage prices, they are affordable.


  • Less Maintenance

Unlike wooden structures, steel or metal garages do not require great maintenance. The durability of structures is another factor that adds value to them.

The above factors are ample to understand the importance of metal building solutions. Contact ‘Metal Carports Direct’ and order pre-engineered metal building solutions at affordable prices.

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