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Design your own Metal Building

Published on by Metal Carports Direct

Metal buildings doesn’t possess a unique feature in the market but new and customized designs of metal building kits definitely worth a second look for homeowners and manufacturers. Many people are still unaware of the benefits that a metal building or carport can give to home owners. Pre-engineered design structures of metal carports play a very important role in modern houses as they use carports and garages as shelters against scorching heat and snow in winters. The best part of metal carports is it can be designed and customized according to one’s needs and requirements.

There is an increasing trend of metal building kits as some locations are prone to harsh weather conditions all over the world and in those locations, it becomes a necessity to protect the vehicles. Homeowners build an extra storage room as well to store the extra material like bolts, scissors and other things which might be frequently used in the garage and sometimes, it can be used as a lunch spot for some friends.

Let's see what all you should keep in mind while choosing the best metal carport for yourself:

· Size (single, double, or triple metal carport)

· Quality

· Height according to the size of vehicles

· Location of the house

· Permit regulations

· Roof

· Color and style

· Cost according to your budget

· Customization

· Installation needed or not

These are some important factors to keep in mind as they can help you in selecting the best one and customizing it according to the latest trends in the market. To get the affordable and best quality material, visit metalcarportsdirect.com and choose the best among them.

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How to Choose Heavy-Duty Metal Building for Storage and More!

Published on by Metal Carports Direct

Storage sheds are new and latest which are becoming famous very fast in the market and it is starting to become the most important choice for several reasons. Metal building kits are being put to many uses nowadays like one can easily use them for storage purposes or they can use it for parking the vehicles and protect them from harsh weather conditions. To choose the best metal building kits, one has to analyze various things at their end.

·       What is the size of your vehicle?

·       You want metal building kits for storage purposes only?

·       How much exact space you have for installing a metal carport?

·       Is your accommodation private or it falls under govt. authority?

·       How much price you can afford?

·       You need fully enclosed carport or open?

These are some of the basic questions to ask yourself before you go and purchase metal carport. This is not an easy task because you need to choose the best material that can easily protect the vehicles and give you extra space in case you want to store any other things which are frequently used. Let us see what qualities do a metal carport possess that makes it a good option:

Strength: Steel metal carports are worth buying because it can resist harsh conditions outside. If you are living in an area prone to high winds, heavy snowfall, or scorch heats, metal carports can give your vehicles an extra shield through which it can stay in for a long period of time.

Maintenance: We can say that the maintenance of metal carports is very easy. Once it is installed, it will not get damaged because it is manufactured that way which can fight with the environmental conditions easily. Carports are known to maintain their structural integrity very well.

Durability: Metal carports are relatively more durable as compare to wooden carports as they need more care and maintenance and they can damage easily when there is scorching heat or high wind outside. It is always advised to install a good quality carport because it is made to be used for a long period of time.

Area covered: You should measure the area first where you want the carport to be installed and then go for purchasing the carports accordingly. You can also choose the carport according to the number of vehicles you have. There are usually single metal carports, double and triple metal carports designed in various ways, and can be customized according to client’s various needs and requirements.

These are some of the things which need to be taken care of before performing the purchase of metal carports. If you have less budget, you can single metal carport but if you can afford double and triple metal carports, it is advised to install extra storage space as well so that you can place some other things which are usually unused in your house like paints, bolts, needles, scissors, etc. moreover, it gives your garage a new and attractive look of modern times.


Nowadays, there is a great trend of using metal carports because every family has 2-3 vehicles and sometimes, it becomes difficult to park them when the weather condition is not good outside. You can choose the best metal carport, but you need to rethink the points mentioned above.

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Mistakes You May Make While Purchasing The Single Carport

Published on by Metal Carports Direct


When it comes to choosing a single carport, probably you wish to purchase the best one among all. But many times we observe people make mistakes while searching the single carport that comes up with the wrong choice. But do you know how you can avoid these mistakes? Well, for that first you must have the idea what these mistakes can be:

# Mistake No 1:


The most common mistake people make while purchasing a single carport is not to notice the additions they need, considering that they will add it later on. Many people are ignorant that even though their building installation is free it doesn’t certainly intend that any additions will be. Most organizations charge a return fee to come back to your residents even if they don’t do anything. In addition, there is an installation charge for your width and the expense can vary as per your needs.


single metal carport


Let say you purchased a carport and it gets installed, then you see how big it would look with a gable end. Thus, you decide to call and purchase it. Your sales rep will now reveal all these extra fees on a gable end that would have cost you around 150 if you would have bought it when you bought your carport. Thus, in addition to the 150, you would have to pay an additional 50 for a return trip fee and 100 for installation. Now rather than paying 150, you would be paying 300 for a gable that if you would have purchased with your carport, would have been half the price.


# Mistake No 2:


The second most normal mistake is getting the incorrect gauge for your frame. When it comes to metal buildings the frame is normally designed of:


  • 12 or 14 gauge
  • Galvanized steel

They both provide various benefits to the user. The gauge relates to how thick the metal is, the smaller the gauge the thicker the metal. Or in other words, we can say that the 12 gauge is thicker than the 14 gauge. Now, why is this a misconception that most people make? Well, it’s not about the thickness of the gauge but the thing that actually matters is what different companies give with each. With the 14 gauge, most companies only give what is called a workmanship warranty for a certain period of time that means that they will only harden your building if there were any mistakes in the method they construct the structure. In addition, if it’s certified most companies will offer a guarantee that it will pass inspection, if it doesn’t, they will make sure to fix according to the inspectors' notes. Now the 12 gauge frame not only do most companies give the workmanship and the certification they also offer a “rust through warranty” and what that actually implies is that if for any reason a part of the building begins to rust, but the organization will also replace the area or if it’s a large part they will replace the complete building.


The 12 gauge is more expensive but in addition to the stronger or thicker frame, it has that special feature of being more rust resistance. With proper maintenance, however, this shouldn’t be a problem on any frame but it’s always good to have a backup and that is why we always suggest the 12 gauge upgrade that expenses around 100 to 500 more depending on the building.


# Mistake No 3


The third most common mistake that people make when buying a metal carport is not preparing it certified and not buying the extra braces package. Many people do purchase buildings without any analysis and end up buying a building that is not authorized by their local zoning laws. A common mistake is that people just really purchase a non-certified building to save some money but in the end, it ends up costing more if it turns out that they require a certified building. Purchasing a non-certified building in an area where certification is required is a large trouble and can end up getting you thousands of dollars. 


Keep all these points in mind and then start to purchase the single carports. We are sure, you will be able to get the best results!

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Metal Garage - Perfect For Large Storage Without Extra Cost

Published on by Metal Carports Direct

When it comes to metal garages and carports, maybe you will be in a dilemma of what to choose. To overlook all these dilemmas and give you expert advice, we specially prepared this post. Here we explain a few essential facts about metal garages. This will certainly help you to make the right decision and choose the best option.

About metal garages:

Ceiling Height

For many, the garage option comes into the point for additional ceiling height. Most storage buildings max out at 12’ in ceiling height, while large prefab metal garage options can go up to 13’ high. Well, you can make even more height garages as per your specific requirements. If your project needs a higher than average ceiling, make sure to evaluate the size of the door. A vertical roof garage provides 12’ door options, while most other large storage buildings and prefab garages come standard with 8’ doors.

metal garages


It doesn't matter what the future holds, a garage always makes sure that almost anything will fit – a lawnmower, a car, a 4-wheeler, or large equipment. Not all large storage buildings give access to large equipment; be sure to check the dimensions of all access points before making a final decision.

Custom Interior

Many people prefer a garage over a storage building to customize the interior with electric, insulation, windows, and paneling. If you are thinking of one of these buildings for a home-based business or hobby building, metal garages allow more custom options than just a storage building.

Large Storage Building Benefits


While many cities, towns, and counties need permits for garages, specifications for the installation of a large storage building may not need an exceptional design review process. What you can do; check with your local zoning office and ask about differences in the permit cost and process for garages vs. storage buildings.

Custom Options

When it comes to large metal building storage, the possibilities are endless. If your local big box stores don’t give the right size or style of building, you can use an online building design tool to examine all of the custom options available. 

If the garage seems to you for added workspace but you don’t require the storage space of a large building, think a pre-fab combo unit. This type of building gives the best of both worlds – storage plus a cover for outdoor projects. 

If you need more space with options for extra storage, you may think of a customizable farm building. Even if you don’t have farm tools or animals, a farm building may fit your storage demands now and in the future.

Here we wish to include one thing. Before you go ahead and choose the metal garages or metal carports for large storage; Make sure about the following factors:

  • Size and Equipment Protection. Which building model will give more protection for your equipment?
  • Resale Value. Which building type will bring your property in line with homes in your area?
  • Future Use. What does the future hold for your storage space?
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What are the advantages of structural metal buildings kits?

Published on by Metal Carports Direct

Usually, when it comes to steel buildings, most of the people think about a garage, storage shed, or maybe an airplane hangar. But do you know steel buildings are much more than it? There are numerous benefits you can enjoy with these buildings, for example:

  1. Cost Saving Advantages

Speed of Occupancy


Pre-built steel structures are that: Pre-designed! That implies your structure will show up nearby fit to be collected. A pre-built structure DIY undertaking can be finished in 2-30 days, contrasted with 1-6 months of development time on a structure requiring conventional development.

metal building kits

Affordable Construction Cost


Metal building systems segments have been exceptionally built to fit together effectively, and because the segments are cut and prepared in-plant, utilizing automation, the cost of assembly is altogether decreased. At the point when metal structure kits part show up at the building site, the ability level required for them to get together is generously lower. Your development expenses may be diminished by 60%.



Do-It-Yourself Construction


Up to 5000 square feet, pre-engineered metal buildings can come in DIY kits, denying any requirement for laborers and saving you up to 50% on total costs. Isn’t it a cool option? Yeah, it is!


2. Safety Advantages


Enhanced Strength & Durability

The strength of steel building kits, made with powerful steel components, makes sure your structure will stand up to the severest weather. Specially designed to withstand peak wind speeds of up to 180 miles per hour, pre-engineered structures are ideal in any weather condition.

Fire Containment


In the case of a fire, a steel building can include flames and prevent them from spreading to other buildings. The reason is their inherent flame retardant characteristics. 

Dimensionally Stable


Metal buildings are secured with rust-resistant bolts, won’t increase or contract with moisture levels.


Reduced Fire Risk


Beyond saving on insurance prices, the inherent fire-resistant features in steel buildings give an extra layer of safety and peace of mind. This is possible by understanding the opportunities of an indoor or outdoor fire are remarkably low.

3. Flexibility Advantages




Due to their modular nature, buildings designed by metal kits can be expanded instantly and cost-effectively by just dissembling one end wall and attaching clear span sections.


Any prefabricated building up to 10,000 square feet can be disassembled, relocated or sold without any hassle.

Extensive Architectural Chances


With a quality of roofing and wall panel options available, architects have endless chances available to make your pre-engineered building look precisely the way you wish.

4. Environmental Advantages


Less Toxic


You will be glad to know that the metal building kits are made to last. And, the reason behind is, they don’t need the toxic chemical treatments that wooden structures do to stop rotting. No chemicals help both the environment and the livestock you might house in a pre-designed metal building structure.


100% recyclable

Metal buildings are 100% recyclable due to which these are considered to be ‘green buildings. They have a lower almost negligible negative environmental impact than other methods of construction.

So, these are the remarkable benefits you can utilize with the metal building kits!

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Difference Between Certified and Non-Certified Metal Carports

Published on by Metal Carports Direct

One of the things you should learn when building a carport or garage is whether you need grants or not. Local building authorities may need a permit, and if that’s the case, you will have to purchase a Certified building. The metal buildings can be certified or non-certified, but it’s not always easy to see the obvious difference between the two from the outside. Do you know the basic difference between certified and non-certified metal buildings or metal carports?


What does it indicate to say that a metal building is “certified”? Typically, a certified building is professionally designed and engineered to resist established ratings for wind speed and/or snow loads. In some areas where building permissions are required for installation, only a certified metal building will be considered eligible to satisfy the fundamental requirements. 


Difference Between Certified and Non-Certified Metal Carports


Along with this, some states and localities need all buildings to be certified. In a case, if you live in an area where building permits are not required for metal carports, then you may have the choice of just going with a non-certified structure for your carport or metal building. The option is really up to you. 


Now the question comes, which one is a better option; certified metal building or non-certified. So, here is the answer: There are many advantages to choosing a certified structure over non-certified ones. 



  • Certified structures come with improved engineering


  • These structures are installed with more support braces, screws, and anchors than non certified buildings.


  • Even if you happen to live in an area that doesn’t typically experience wind or snow extremes


There is greater peace of mind that comes with understanding that your certified metal structure is built to last.


The Remarkable Features Of Certified Metal Carports:


There are several remarkable features that differentiate a certified metal carport from a non-certified unit. Most of these features are feasible to the structural makeup of the metal carport. So, the features of certified metal carport are:


The certified metal structures are built with the weather of the place in mind, you do not have to spend your money on adding extra features to the metal carport. The anchoring choices are also different for certified metal carports. If you are to install your metal carport kit over bare ground or asphalt surfaces, then many suppliers offer mobile home anchors too. Installations over concrete foundations anchored with wedge anchors can also be certified.


 The Key Benefits Of Certified Metal Structure:


  • Structurally reliable, strong and usually have a longer lifespan than non-certified structure.


  • Certification for your metal carport gives it legal verification indicating you will not suffer any legal trouble for your metal carport after you have built it, comprising fines and penalties. You get documents and drawings for the certified units, which act as proof of your adherence to the law.


  • Make sure safety for residents of the locality, as well as structural safety for the metal carport itself.


  • Created with exact considerations for the weather conditions, which indicates that they can endure the elements of that place without fail.
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Professional’s Advice To Evaluate Metal Carport Prices Significantly

Published on by Metal Carports Direct


Probably you have heard much about the metal carport or the garages. And, we hope you are well- aware of the remarkable benefits of the carport. But the thing that may confuse you is the prices. There are many people who find the cost of carport more. And, due to this reason, they remain deprived of the benefits of metal carports. But here's good news for you. You can easily evaluate the metal carports prices. Yes, this is true! And, here are the ways, you can make it possible:.

Professional’s Advice To Evaluate Metal Carport Prices Significantly


Understand Your Requirements:


First and foremost, you have to understand its requirements. You should be very clear about your basic to advanced needs. You have to evaluate the size requirement of a metal garage or whatever you are choosing. The size plays a significant role in deciding the metal garage prices. Along with size, you may also consider the style. What style you need. The prior consideration of these things help you in estimating the prices. 


Siding and door requirements:


Next, the remarkable factor that decides the metal carport prices is siding and door requirements. Opting for siding can increase the price of the project essentially, and some homeowners opt for metal over something like T-111. It can save money by avoiding the need for painting or staining. 


Along with this, enclosing and installing an exterior door can also increase the price of materials and labor. A sliding barn door is the most suitable choice as it installs swiftly and is simple to use.


Choice of material for metal garage:

As there are various materials available for building the carport. You have full freedom to choose any one as per your choice. But here the important thing would be what material you are preferring. Because the selection of material plays a significant role in deciding the metal carport prices. In most general, people prefer two types of material for carport; wood and metal. The wooden carports somewhat seem less expensive than metal. But if you will seek the cost maintenance, this reaches 2 times more than metal carport prices. Thus, you have to be very wise before choosing the material for carport!


Metal Carport Manufacturers:


Another important factor that decides the metal carport prices is your selection of metal carport manufacturers. As there are many manufacturers available in the market. All claim that they are the best to choose and provide the carport at a very reasonable cost. But it becomes your responsibility how much they are committed to their words. Make sure there is no hidden cost in their carport prices. At what cost they are promising to offer you, they provide it. Additionally, you must check out their website mainly for testimonial sections. Check what their customers are saying about their products and prices. If you find all these things positive and in your favor, you may choose them, else you can choose another option.


Final Words:

In a nutshell, these are the crucial things that decide the metal garage prices. Whenever you have to choose the carport, keep all these things in mind. We are very sure, this will help you to save a great amount.

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Questions To Use Your Metal Car Canopies Manufacturer

Published on by Metal Carports Direct

Investing a vital amount of your hard-earned money into the metal car canopies is a big decision to make. One that can affect both the curb appeal and value of your property. But before you jump in with both feet, there are a few remarkable questions you may want to ask your canopies manufacturer first. The answers to these questions will help you to understand the pricing, installation process and other crucial things. So, without going here and there, have a quick look at the list of these questions:

metal car canopies | metal carports direct


  • How long will it take to have my metal Canopies delivered?


Well, the delivery of metal car canopies depends on various factors. That is the engineer, deliver, and install your structure. These aspects include the specifications of your unit, your location, the weather conditions, and the manufacturer installing it. To know the estimated delivery time, you may contact your manufacturer freely.


  • Can I make amendments after the order has been sent?

Yeah, you may do it but again it will depend on the manufacturers also whom you selected. Like if you have changed your mind about something and your order has already been sent to the manufacturer, you may call them. For simple changes like where a window will be placed or the foundation it will be installed on, it may be an easy fix. But, if you’ve changed your mind about the dimensions or color, that will depend on how occupied the manufacturer is.


  • How long will it take to install my steel car canopies?

The installation time for your car canopies will depend on:

  • Your location

  • The size and specifications of the structure, and

  • The weather conditions


  • For large, commercial or agricultural buildings, it may take a few days.

  • For smaller, standard size buildings, it may take as little as a few hours.


  • Do we get warranties with the purchase of such products?

Yes, you may also get the warranties with the purchase of this kind of product. There are different kinds of warranties offered by manufacturers in the prefab metal building kits industry, you can contact them for more information about their coverage.

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Vital Factors Responsible To Install Carport Prices

Published on by Metal Carports Direct

No wonder metal carports are one of the safest ways to safeguard your crucial investment in vehicles. Although there are many ways to perform the same task, the reliability and assurance you can get with steel carports are unparalleled. Here the wisest thing to understand the prices that carports may cost you. Well, this cost depends on a few factors. Collectively all these factors decide the Carport Prices Installed:


  • Production and Supply:


The very first factor responsible to decide the cost of metal carports is production and supply. Usually, metal carports are widely available in the market. But the cost would depend on the production and supply of the carport. Like from where they are manufacturing and from where you are ordering the carports. According to a report, before 1860, steel was quite expensive and produced only in small quantities. Using the statistics from the World Steel Association – one can track the amounts of crude steel produced in the whole world since 1900.

It is recorded that approx 23 million metric tons of crude steel were manufactured in 1900, 20 years later, 72.5 million metric tons were manufactured. Thereafter in 1940, 140.6 million metric tons were produced and 346.4 million metric tons in 1960. As statics goes on the amount of production differs. Now, understand how this product depends on the cost of the carport. More the production more will be supplied in the market and hence, you can install carports at fewer prices.


  • Size Of the carports:


Next, the most important thing is the size. It plays an essential role in deciding the metal carport cost. Normally, the size of the carport will depend on your vehicle requirements. Like how many vehicles you want to park in the carport. Or you are expecting to manufacture one vehicle carport or two-vehicle carport. Here the agenda for the cost is very simple. The bigger you will manufacture the carport, the more you have to give in installing the carport.


But trust us, it would be a one-time investment. Once you have paid the amount for bigger carports, you can utilize the benefits of an installed carport for a long time. Even you don’t need to pay a lot to maintain them as they demand very little maintaining. It means, just the amount you will pay for installing else everything will go quite smoothly.


  • Supplier You Choose:


Last but not least; one of the important aspects is the selection of suppliers for the single carport or double carports. The supplier you will choose will affect the cost of the carport a lot. There are many suppliers available in the market. All provide the product at different prices. The quality of the product also differs in many terms. Many suppliers provide the highest quality carport at very reasonable prices whereas others offer the same product at quite high rates. Similarly, some suppliers offer the carport without any hidden cost. Like what they promise or decide to offer, you can purchase at the same prices. But in many cases, we observed, some suppliers mention very fewer prices on the website but when you finally go to purchase the product, they cost you very high. They come up with different-different costs that initially don’t mention.

single carport


So, it would be beneficial you choose the supplier who can provide you the best quality single carports at affordable prices. Along with they can provide you the many additional deals and you can utilize much more only than single carports!

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A Few Valuable Tips For Your Dream Metal Horse Barn

Published on by Metal Carports Direct

Before grabbing up the techniques for building a top-class dream metal barn, you have a specific location to set the horses inside. Note that you are planning to create a dream home for horses so it should be fully-furnished, weather-friendly, portable, and more secure.

In the long run, a well-made barn can save you from everyday repairs and maintenance that costs a lot of whether to fix small issues in a traditional cemented structure. If it is designed and erect properly, the animals will enjoy the pleasant home and become able to breathe in a clean ambiance.


How to construct a horse stall


One of the most important processes in construction is building a steady place that protects the favorite animals from severe weather. Most people even don't know about the material that decides the long span of the property. Have you purchased one of the most popular American-made factory-direct metal barn kits? If not, you should definitely think about it. Because it is easy to install outdoors. Take a look at further elaboration that explains the whole scenario to build a long-term horse barn.



1. Select a suitable location


The regular style barns are the most affordable option that one can assemble into a garden area. It contains a length up to 36' that is good for storing two to four horses. It includes a galvanized coating that is free from rust and corrosion.


Few things to keep in mind:


  • Good potential for future expansion.

  • Good natural drainage

  • Firm & level foundation

The continuous boxed-eave roof barn is bigger in size and provides much space to provide huge shelter for the equine facility. It is available in the standard length of about 36' which is easy to expand for future use. It is ideal for plain floors, grassland, gravel, concrete, or asphalt.


Some important things to make in mind:


  • Ample space for easy movement.

  • Close proximity for grass eating.

  • Comfortable and breathable.


Another one is Carolina raised center aisle that comes with vertically oriented panels and roof systems. It offers ease of assembling several sidewall options, aesthetic color choices, windows, and personnel doors. Thus it should be installed near a lush green garden that lets the horses fresh and airy.


Points to remember:


  • Flexible enough to create separate rooms.

  • Adequate airflow to keep the inside foul-free.

  • Sliding doors to make the barn peaceful.


2. Create a wash bay for daily showering


It is obvious that you want to avoid diseases from the horses and let them dry and clean. Unlike humans, it is necessary to bathe them in a convenient wash bay. There are a few factors that you should consider before making a bathing room for equines.


Durable surface


As the horses have different mood swings sometimes they sit in a very calm position and sometimes not. Similarly, the uneven floors make it difficult for them to stand out for a longer period. Always choose strong custom metal carports to install on gravel that lowers the risk of slippage.


Easy drainage


Make sure the location you select is useful to run off the water from downhills. The messy hair and manure make humans difficult to stand and breathe nearby equine. You should avoid the electrical outlets in wash stalls that are regarded as a deadly combination of water.


Ready for faster erection and searching for cheaper rates in metal buildings? You are at the right place! Metal Carports Direct, the manufacturer of North Carolina offers a wide selection of sheds, shelters, fully-enclosed workshops, RV shelters featuring modular construction, and remarkable delivery and installation on your job site.

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