Mistakes You May Make While Purchasing The Single Carport

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When it comes to choosing a single carport, probably you wish to purchase the best one among all. But many times we observe people make mistakes while searching the single carport that comes up with the wrong choice. But do you know how you can avoid these mistakes? Well, for that first you must have the idea what these mistakes can be:

# Mistake No 1:


The most common mistake people make while purchasing a single carport is not to notice the additions they need, considering that they will add it later on. Many people are ignorant that even though their building installation is free it doesn’t certainly intend that any additions will be. Most organizations charge a return fee to come back to your residents even if they don’t do anything. In addition, there is an installation charge for your width and the expense can vary as per your needs.


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Let say you purchased a carport and it gets installed, then you see how big it would look with a gable end. Thus, you decide to call and purchase it. Your sales rep will now reveal all these extra fees on a gable end that would have cost you around 150 if you would have bought it when you bought your carport. Thus, in addition to the 150, you would have to pay an additional 50 for a return trip fee and 100 for installation. Now rather than paying 150, you would be paying 300 for a gable that if you would have purchased with your carport, would have been half the price.


# Mistake No 2:


The second most normal mistake is getting the incorrect gauge for your frame. When it comes to metal buildings the frame is normally designed of:


  • 12 or 14 gauge
  • Galvanized steel

They both provide various benefits to the user. The gauge relates to how thick the metal is, the smaller the gauge the thicker the metal. Or in other words, we can say that the 12 gauge is thicker than the 14 gauge. Now, why is this a misconception that most people make? Well, it’s not about the thickness of the gauge but the thing that actually matters is what different companies give with each. With the 14 gauge, most companies only give what is called a workmanship warranty for a certain period of time that means that they will only harden your building if there were any mistakes in the method they construct the structure. In addition, if it’s certified most companies will offer a guarantee that it will pass inspection, if it doesn’t, they will make sure to fix according to the inspectors' notes. Now the 12 gauge frame not only do most companies give the workmanship and the certification they also offer a “rust through warranty” and what that actually implies is that if for any reason a part of the building begins to rust, but the organization will also replace the area or if it’s a large part they will replace the complete building.


The 12 gauge is more expensive but in addition to the stronger or thicker frame, it has that special feature of being more rust resistance. With proper maintenance, however, this shouldn’t be a problem on any frame but it’s always good to have a backup and that is why we always suggest the 12 gauge upgrade that expenses around 100 to 500 more depending on the building.


# Mistake No 3


The third most common mistake that people make when buying a metal carport is not preparing it certified and not buying the extra braces package. Many people do purchase buildings without any analysis and end up buying a building that is not authorized by their local zoning laws. A common mistake is that people just really purchase a non-certified building to save some money but in the end, it ends up costing more if it turns out that they require a certified building. Purchasing a non-certified building in an area where certification is required is a large trouble and can end up getting you thousands of dollars. 


Keep all these points in mind and then start to purchase the single carports. We are sure, you will be able to get the best results!

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