How to Design Your Metal Carport for Vehicles Parking

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More your vehicles, carports can cover or secure them. Accessible, rooftop systems can protect cars, bikes, boats, and other equipment. Well-installed metal carports will increase the life of your car and also increase the resale value of your house. This guide explores how a carport can be designed by covering the main stages.

Safety matters a lot: use of power tools and a dust mask to carry hearing and eye safety when you cut wood or combine concretes.

Before a Carport Is Installed
Until picking up a power tool, prepare the job carefully, regardless of whether you are going to use or make a carport kit. These include-:

  • Determine the type or style of a carport you need to build.
  • Choose according to weather or location, where you are residing. 
  • Get permission, if it is needed to install metal carports at your place.

Prepare the ground first.

Yes, you need to prepare the ground where you have to install carports to protect your vehicles. Make sure, you do it well, in case you are unable to do so, you can simply call us, and our professionals will reach you within hours to assist you. 

Dig Holes for Posts

Plan four posts at the start, one at each corner. You may need a supporting post at the midway mark on both the left and right sides for a total of six according to the size of your carport. In order to dig holes between two- to four-foot-wide for the footing, use a power auger, or post a hole digger. Place concrete tubes in the troughs and level the floor at about 1 inch above the ground level.

Pour Concrete and Raise Posts

First of all, you need to prepare the concrete mixture in a wheelbarrow and pour it in the basements as instructed. Until concrete hardens, insert anchor bolts into the middle of each footing. Adjust the holes to the tubing shapes of gravel. Center the bolts of the anchor. Leave enough bolt to attach to the anchor over the footer.

Attach Beams and Rafters

After pouring concrete you need to attach beams and rafters. And then align the beams to the front and back of the frame and attach to the bolts. 

Attach the Roof

Measure gout to balance the length and mount it to the required beam on the lowest side of the carport. Link the downstream to the closest drain for stormwater. And then attach shingles for support.

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